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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ashes to Ashes

Well Mondays practice was especially hard due to the fact that earlier in the day i tripped like a fool going up my stairs and hurt my really felt like a sprain at class but i worked it through it mostly because of the fact that i thought it was just sore from going hard with footwork.Well it wasn't but what doesn't kill ya....... did a sprain ever kill anyone? Probably not but it hurts like hell that's for sure .well Sensei Uegaki told me i need to practice straightening my arms more in my cuts and strikes i tend to bend my left elbow at the bottom of the cut and it need to be straight with a small downward flick of the wrist at the end. I wish i had a higher ceiling in my apartment well if i could i would live in a Dojo but that going to happen anytime soon,so for now maybe I'll just use the park across the way but is that gonna be to smart?? A 6foot tall black guy with tatoos, i might add, swinging a wooden sword around in east Vancouver?? Well you never know till you try it and it maybe kind of an exciting change to a pretty dull life as of late(except for Kendo nights).My other asked me when i was going to get a wife the other day?? kind of a strange question because i know she doesn't want me to get a girlfriend maybe she want grand kids or something ?She got a bad phone call today her brother who had a stroke a couple of weeks ago took a turn for the worst.Don't think he is long for this world and i think it makes her concerned about her own mortality as he is her last of i think 6 brothers ..ya its 6 well she did get to have allot of contact with him in the months before the stroke. You know the need to do more research into the fact that when 2 people or living together for over fifty years somehow their life force becomes connected and when one dies the other usually dies within the first year and it seems it is mostly occurs when the male spouse outlives the female ie: the saying "he died of a broken heart".I think that women may have a stronger life force than men as they tend to live a quite a while longer after their male partners pass on.hmmmm makes me think ?????

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