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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

its about time!

welll after a long holiday my ankle injury and a throat infection(thanx to my neighbor) i finally made it to the dojo and had a great work out learned two new katas they didnt come to quick and i got the feeling sensei was getting a bit frustrated with me but when i did finally get them down he broke into a big smile and it felt good to feel that someone was proud of me for doing somehting right it a feeling i havent felt in a very long time but just when it was going smooth times up end of keiko damn but did continue to practice a bit while some of the more exp. students trained in armour i guess i put myself behind the guys that joined same time due to missing so many practices wll thats ok i'll just go extra hard and make up for it . Good news tho the 46 Annual Steveston tounament is coming up February 9th 2008 should be really good the word is that this is a pretty major event in the kendo community so we will go and represent Sunrise Dojo with Honour and Pride. I will get lots of footage and shots so i will have some good stuff to post for the 2 people that may or may not read this blog

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