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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If at first you dont succeed

Well if i didn't do a good enough job of screwing up me achillies tendon before i certainly did it now went to keiko( keiko: Practice.)on Monday and as soon as i got onto hardwood with my bare feet i could tell it was gonna be bad but i suffered through it i figure with the wrong way i planted my feet in the original keiko when it first started hurting and with Mondays keiko it is now gonna take awhile to heal but what doesn't kill you......... .So i will probably miss next keiko and let it heal but we will see i have been using the tried and true method of nursing an injured foot back to health,R.I.C.E.(Rest,Ice,Compression,Elevation).At Monday's keiko we started 3 new katas (kata: A prearranged sequence of movements (techniques) used in martial arts training.) two of them i caught on right away but the third damn with the foot taking up all my concentration it was shitty but even a bad day at keiko is a good day.On the upside got to know Sensei better had a good conversation with him after and he really is a good man he seemed genuine in every sense and also very willing to lend his knowledge(not just about kendo) and wisdom if you are willing to receive it he is from Kyoto originally and is going there this holiday season to visit his mother(93yrs old) for 2-3 weeks.He liked the fact i was learning Japanese and i guess it will make it way easier to communicate for him as so much of kendo terminology can only be explained in Japaneses. after keiko Sensei is easy going and humor I think we will have a long and rewarding relationship.I think when i do move to Japan i think i will move to Kyoto as it is very centralized and is the most historic city there but still has a good nightlife, wll have to investigate

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