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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Teddy Bear Toss

I just wanted to put a quick blurb in about the Vancouver Giants WHL hockey teams charity event that happened tonight at the Pacific Colosseum which was a great success over 10,700 people in attendance and twice as many stuffed toys thrown on to the ice all of which go to children's charities we (inc. myself)could all take a little more time out of our lives to help people not as fortunate.We all get the giving spirit around this time of year which is nice but we need to keep that spirit going all through the year.That will be my 1st New Years resolution to spend less time doing nothing and more time doing the right thing, why?Because it is the right thing!Oh and by the way the Giant's won 2-0...... go G's!

P.S. I am going kendogi shopping next week should be pretty sweet new gear cant wait!

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